Understanding Work Processes and Procedures

Understanding Work Processes and Procedures

Monday 16 Nov 2020

  • Duration: One Week
  • City: Madrid
  • Fees: 3800 GBP


This practical and intensive course will prepare all participants to design, create, manage, control, execute, simplify and monitor work processes and procedures and related management system documents such as work instructions, forms, labels and tags. The course will especially concentrate on producing and simplifying procedures.

This course will feature:

  • Complete definitions and use of all relevant documents.
  • A complete approach to Management System documentation structures.
  • The compelling need for simplicity and clarity and how to achieve it.
  • Highlight on procedure and other documentation writing.
  • How to assess procedures in order to simplify them.


By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the purpose, advantages & structure of a documented Management System.
  • Show how management documentation is built.
  • Recognise who needs to be involved in the process of developing such documentation.
  • Write clearly and simply each type of document emphasizing on procedures.
  • Elaborate how to analyse process flow charts with the aim of simplifying the procedure.


Course Outline

Day 1

Introduction: The Business Need for Procedures

  • Introduction to Management Systems.
  • What all organisations need to do.
  • The need for comprehensive documentation.
  • Policies, purpose and content.
  • Writing policies.
  • Allowing for Organisational Change.

Day 2

Designing and Developing Procedures

  • Practical activities.
  • Preparing to document the Management System.
  • All about Procedures.
  • Designing the Procedures.
  • Purpose and content of procedure documents.
  • Writing simple, clear and concise procedures.

Day 3

Documentation Standards and Control

  • The influence of ISO9001 and other related standards.
  • Writing Work Instructions, purpose and content.
  • Applying the Palin English Standard.
  • The Management and control of Documents.
  • Forms, Tags & labels purpose and content.
  • Records: what they are and their importance.

Day 4

Analysing and Simplifying Procedures

  • The use of Flowcharts and how to interpret a flowchart.
  • The problem with text and how the flowchart solves it.
  • Flowchart symbols.
  • Different types of process maps.
  • Value added maps.
  • Analysing and simplifying procedures.

Day 5

Planning System Development & Ensuring its Integrity

  • Planning the development of a Management System.
  • Which procedures do we write first and why?
  • Approval and management support.
  • Documentation life cycle and review points.
  • Management System review: the power of auditing.
  • Case Studies.
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