Writing Effective Policies and Procedures

Monday 23 Dec 2019

  • Duration: One Week
  • City: London
  • Fees: 3900 GBP

Course Brief

This course will prepare delegates to create effective policies and procedures, vital reports, and other related documents such as Specifications and Standards. The focal point of this course will be on making these effective within the organisation and consider issues for example compliance, language, and hierarchical culture. It is important to improve this skill set because all business activities (public and private sector organisations) are administered by policies and procedures; hence, so as to play out their activity and be competitive – practicing professionals must grow such skills.

This course will Cover:

Instructions to make professional documents

highlight the fundamental clauses that appear in them

Understand genuine examples of policies and procedures

Understanding of methods used in drafting effective policies and procedures

The most effective method to keep away from vagueness and weakness

Course Schedule

Course Outlines:

Day One:

  • Introduction to Policy & Procedure Writing
  • Introduction
  • Why they are important
  • What makes a decent policy
  • The structure of policy and procedures
  • Writing styles
  • Incorporation of different documents

Day Two:

  • The Governance and Roles associated in Policy
  • Practical activities
  • The role of policy and procedures
  • What needs to be included
  • Who should be included
  • The review process
  • The approval process

Day Three:

  • Step by step instructions to Implement Policy and Procedures
  • Audit instances of  policy and procedures
  • Maintaining a strategic distance from equivocalness
  • Standards – ISO
  • Communications
  • How to ensure staff compliance
  • Support

Day Four:

  • Drafting Policy & Procedure
  • Drafting guides
  • Best practice
  • Valuable and significant hints
  • Effective writing
  • Commercials
  • Drafting exercises

Day Five:

  • Case Studies and Workshops
  • Case Studies
  • Publication
  • Workshop goals
  • Group workshop/exercises
  • Group discussion
  • Course review/wrap-up
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