Essentials of Work Processes and Procedures Training

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Duration: 1 Week

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5 days course


Introduction to the Procedures Needed in Business


  • Basics of management systems
  • Duties of all organizations
  • Importance of comprehensive documentation and writing policies
  • Understanding the policies, purposes and contents


Creation of Procedures


  • Understanding the designing of the procedures
  • Preparation of the documents for management systems
  • Understanding the purpose and contents of the procedure documents
  • Learning to write clear and concise procedures


Standards of the Documentations


  • Understanding the importance of the code ISO9001
  • Learning to write work purposes and contents
  • How to apply the Palin English standards
  • Purposes of the forms , tags and labels
  • Importance of records


Using Flowcharts and Process Maps


  • Interpretation of flowcharts and its use
  • Problems related to texts and solving it using Flowcharts
  • Understanding the flowchart symbols and process maps
  • How to analyse and simplify procedures and other value added maps


Development and Integrity of the Planning System


  • How to plan the development of a management system
  • Learning the format of the writing procedures
  • Understanding the life cycle documentation and how to review points
  • Review of the management system and importance of auditing
  • Discussion of the case studies
  • Review of the course and “Question and Answer” session

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