Engineering the Future of the Middle East: Innovations and Opportunities

Event Info

Date: June-06-2023

Length: 1 Day

Type: Classical

About the event

Welcome to the "Engineering the Future of the Middle East: Innovations and Opportunities" seminar. This event promises to be a landmark occasion that brings together leading innovators, industry professionals, policymakers, and academics to discuss the expanding role of engineering in shaping the future of the Middle East. As the region undergoes rapid transformations, its future will be defined by groundbreaking engineering solutions and new opportunities.

The focus will be on how cutting-edge technology, innovative practices, and sustainable development can meet the unique challenges and opportunities of the Middle East, thereby driving its progress into the next era.


The seminar will be broadcast live via Zoom, allowing participants worldwide to engage and interact remotely.

Event Location

King's College London- Nash Lecture Theatre - room number K2.31



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Featured Speakers

Mr. Samer Muhandes

Main Speaker

Highly skilled and experienced chartered Civil Engineer and accredited Project Manager with a proven track record of success, recently submitted a PhD in Sustainable Drainage Systems at Imperial College London, showcasing his expertise and passion for this field.     

DR. Jabir Alshehabi Al-Ani

Main Speaker

A distinguished lecturer at York St John University's Data Science Department and a Visiting Researcher at Lancaster University. With a PhD in computer science from the University of Essex, UK.

Mr. Andy Letting


Has been working in a digital and transformation role for over 20 years, a results-driven and commercially focused senior-level digital executive with extensive senior management experience. 

Event Agenda

1 days event

7 pm to 8 pm BST


  • Latest Engineering Innovations in the Middle East.
  •  Unique Opportunities and Challenges for Advanced Engineering Solutions in the Middle East.
  • Sustainable Engineering Practices and their Role in Fostering Economic Growth and Societal Well-being in the Middle East.
  • Specific Engineering Innovations in Various Sectors (Construction, Transport, Energy, Healthcare, etc.) in the Middle East.
  • Future of Engineering Innovations in the Middle East and Their Impact on Society.


8:15 PM - 8:30 PM BST

Questions: Participants can ask questions to the speakers.


8:30 PM - 9:00 PM Networking

Participants can network with fellow attendees and speakers.


Exclusive Interactions

Participating in the event offers you a unique opportunity to engage with our speakers throughout and following the session.

This allows you to acquire significant insights and knowledge directly from industry experts.

Exclusive Interactions

Who Should Attend?

This seminar is designed for a wide range of attendees, including but not limited to:

  • Industry professionals and engineers are interested in the latest trends and innovations in the field and how these can be applied in the context of the Middle East.
  • Policymakers and governmental officials are keen on understanding how engineering advancements can contribute to social, economic, and infrastructural development.
  • Academics and researchers in engineering and related disciplines are eager to discuss their findings and learn from other experts.
  • Entrepreneurs and business leaders seeking insights into new opportunities in the Middle Eastern markets and the chance to network with potential partners.
  • Students and young professionals in engineering and related fields who want to broaden their knowledge, gain inspiration, and connect with potential mentors and employers.

Supplementary features

Exclusive content

Exclusive content

Attendees will have access to never-before-seen content curated specifically for this event.


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Certificate of Attendance

Certificate of Attendance

We are pleased to inform our participants that we are offering a Certificate of Attendance, which will be provided in a PDF format and sent via email. This certificate will be a valuable souvenir, a tangible reminder of the practical knowledge exchange and networking opportunities you participated in at our seminar.