Feasibility Studies – Evaluation, Preparation and Analysis

Finance and Budgeting

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Duration: 1 Week

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5 days course


Planning a Feasibility Study


  • Introductions, course purpose, goals and objectives
  • What are the feasibility studies and why are they important?
  • Feasibility studies: definitions, principles and concepts
  • Identifying where a feasibility study occurs in a project plan
  • Creating and protecting ‘value’
  • Understanding the business need


Considering the Options


  • Distinguishing between needs and wants
  • Performing an options analysis
  • Creative thinking and problem solving
  • Consideration of the risks and opportunities


The Risk Assessment


  • The risk management process and application
  • Identifying and assessing the risks of the preferred option
  • Identifying and managing key stakeholders
  • Establishing the cost estimate
  • Contingency determination


The Feasibility Assessment and Evaluation


  • Determining the most feasible option
  • Financial analysis techniques
  • Non-discounting methods
  • Discounting methods
  • Net Present Value, Internal Rate of Return


Preparing the Report


  • Developing the feasibility report
  • Understand the characteristics of proper communication
  • Identifying how interpersonal relationships ensure successful feasibility studies
  • Real case feasibility study review and analysis
  • Summary, key messages and learning outcomes

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