Finance, Risk Management and Corporate Governance

Finance and Budgeting

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5 days course


Finance and financial information


  • The importance of finance in any business.
  • The importance of financial knowledge – internal and external.
  • The corporate annual report and the financial statements.
  • Capital employed: long – term assets and working capital.
  • Analysing financial statements for profitability, liquidity, efficiency & financial structure.
  • Investment ratios and market data sources.


Financing the Business and Capital Structure


  • Kinds of long term finance.
  • Kinds of short term finance.
  • Calculating the Cost of Equity – what your shareholders expect.
  • Calculating the Cost of Debt – it depends on your credit rating.
  • The weighted average cost of capital (WACC).
  • Choosing the best mix of equity and debt.


CAPEX – Analysis of Investment Decisions


  • improving your business with new investment projects.
  • Preparing spreadsheet forecasts for investment appraisal.
  • Basic appraisal techniques: Accounting Rate of Return (ARR) and Payback.
  • Discounted cash flow appraisal techniques:  NPV and IRR.
  • Capital Rationing and the Profitability Index (PI).
  • Dealing with risk in investment appraisal.


Financial Risk Management


  • Risk and uncertainty in business.
  • How to manage risk – the four Ts.
  • Financing risk and operating risk.
  • Foreign currency risk management.
  • Interest rate risk management.
  • Role of Internal Audit, Audit Committee, and Chief Risk Officer.


Corporate Governance


  • Identifying the needs of stakeholders.
  • The essence and development of corporate governance.
  • Corporate governance codes and regulation.
  • The role of the Board of Directors.
  • International corporate governance and the OECD.
  • Growing trends in corporate governance.

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