How Coding Bootcamps Are Changing Tech Education

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Tech Education

College is currently not the only answer for building a career in tech these days. Yes, you can totally go for a computer science degree. However, coding bootcamps have come up with cost-effective and top-notch education programs that will surely make you ask yourself: “Is it really worth it to get a degree for coding and programming?”


The more people question themselves about the viability of traditional higher education, bootcamps become a more accurate option for what they want. The fact that bootcamps still don’t have the same prestige that college has makes it a big drawback for them. However, universities face some flaws that bootcamps can compensate for. In this article, we’ll show you how coding bootcamps are shaping the future for higher education in the tech industry.

Updated Curricula

One of the aspects that differentiate bootcamps from a college degree is that bootcamps prepare you for the real situations that you may face in the workplace. It is very common for university students to find out that some of the things that were taught in college are not necessarily applicable in the workplace. Therefore, finding a job in tech upon graduation can be very challenging for them. 


Coding bootcamps on the other hand, maintain an up-to-date curriculum for their students. For example, Eleven Fifty boasts an employer advisory board. This is a group of companies that advise the schools on the languages and skills their students should be familiar with once they start a career in tech. This way, they can be prepared for any kind of situation they might encounter in the workplace. Besides, technology is always evolving through the years, so the more updated their subjects are, the better the education will be for aspiring programmers.

Lower Prices

The administrative staff is valuable and plays a huge role in the performance of any educational institution. The office at the University of California, for instance, has around 2,000 employees in administrative positions and this is only one of the universities with such practice. The problem here is that the bigger the number of supplementary staff within a workforce, the higher the costs of tuition will be in order to support the expenditure. This results in students taking up loans to be able to afford an education. Before even starting their career, they will wind up with high debt. 


With bootcamps, you won’t have to deal with this issue, since most of their staff are focused on academic positions. Further, there are many more ways to pay for coding bootcamp than there are for traditional education programs. 


Increased Employability

One of the best aspects of bootcamps is that most of them have career coaches that will give you career advice on how to find a job in the tech industry. Besides, most subjects are oriented toward guiding you to find the best job for you—from teaching you how to create a job application, to showing you how to be a competitive job seeker. Other bootcamps even have an employment network that could be a great tool for all aspiring programmers.

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