Human Resources and Professional Development in the United Arab Emirates

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Training is one of the required key elements to develop human power as a way of achieving a high level of employees’ efficiency. The United Arab Emirates consider training as an integrated framework and strategic option in the system of Human Resources Development.

The UAE believes that concept will enhance their potentials to face the challenges and meet the changeable requirements of the work. Training will provide the public servant and employees of other organizations with technical and practical knowledge.

On the other hand, governmental organizations cooperate with consultancy firms in order to unify the exerted efforts towards the development of government and institutional performance. Thus will take advantage of the academic knowledge and professional expertise they provide and finally will achieve maximum levels of efficiency and innovation. They depend on knowledge and planning and work as one team to invest Opportunities and overcome challenges that meet in the end the strategic objectives of the government.

Increasing HR practices in an organization and turning that into a structured approach based on touchable observations and statistics can lead to a great change. Providing executives with competency-based HR solutions manages HR professionals to be a pioneer part of their organizations.

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR) at The UAE is working with its local government partners on exploring mechanisms for coordinating and integrating efforts between the FAHR and HR departments to implement the human resources initiatives. It focuses on human Power to develop its capabilities and talents. Therefore, the UAE ensures great national competencies leading the process of future development, and the system, policies and legislation of human resources.

These efforts come to harness the technology and artificial intelligence to create an integrated future for human resources in the UAE. They will depend on competencies, talents and specialists as a part of achieving the UAE’s vision of electronic and smart transformation. they will launch also a number of initiatives and strategies towards achieving electronic and smart services that monitor human resources.

The Digital Strategy for Government Human Capital is based on the study and evaluation of the current situation, proposing future developments of the human resources system and the related administrative and financial systems in the federal government, and then linking this system with other supporting electronic systems in the governmental entities to develop services with competitive advantages.

In addition, the initiatives aim to empower government talents through the perspective of a “continuous learning strategy for government employees”. They are keen on enhancing the efficiency of services by identifying the required competencies. The strategy aims also to recognize the needed mechanisms to rehabilitee the employees to the future government.

Lots of human resources training courses are available in Dubai, which include short training courses, professional certificates as well as a number of degrees at the level of university education and graduate studies. These courses include assessing the needs of workers, compensation and benefits, and budgeting of human resources, education and development Staff training, human resources planning, etc.

A comprehensive and well-accredited certification qualifies you for a successful career in HR and the field of management.

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