Competency-Based Management Training

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Length: 1 Week

Type: Online

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  • July-03-2023


  • Aug-07-2023


  • Sep-04-2023


  • Oct-09-2023


  • Nov-06-2023


  • Dec-04-2023


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Course Outline

5 days course

The Links between HR and Competencies


  • Understanding Competencies in the Organizational Context
  • Major Benefits of Competency Management
  • Assessment of Competency Management Readiness
  • Defining the roles for Senior Management, Managers and HR
  • What support should managers, team leaders and supervisors get from HR?
  • Values, Strategy and HR.
  • Different methods of developing a competency.
  • An HR Management Framework Based on Competencies.
  • Technical, Behavioural and Leadership Competencies.
Competencies and Recruitment


  • Competency design – definitions, negative indicators, positive indicators.
  • Recruitment and Selection.
  • Adapting a competency framework for use in recruitment.
  • The use of assessment centres in recruitment.
  • Induction, orientation and personal development.
Performance Management


  • Using competencies in performance management.
  • The stages of performance management: agreeing objectives, giving feedback, coaching, appraisal.
  • Termly reviews of performance.
  • Links to pay scheme.
  • Introducing a performance management process.
Talent and Career Management


  • The business case for a competency-based approach for Talent Management
  • Using Competency-Based Assessment Centres for Talent Identification
  • Career Management and Succession Planning
  • Building effective competency-based Learning and Development frameworks
  • Linkages between Motivation, Performance and Results
  • ROI from the Competency Framework in core implementatio
Action Planning for Success


  • Review of the Competency Management resolve
  • Defining advanced applications of the Competency Framework
  • Addressing Challenges with a committed Action Plan for Success
  • Creating an effective Communication and Implementation Strategy
  • Evaluating the ‘What’s Next’ protocol for sustainability
  • Review of Learning and Personal Action Planning

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