Strategic Human Resources Management

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Length: 1 Week

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  • July-11-2022


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  • Sep-12-2022


  • Oct-17-2022


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5 days course

Strategic Human Resource Management-Basics and Framework
  • HRM and Strategic HRM

  • Importance of Strategic HR Management

  • The framework of Strategic HR Management
  • Key stakeholders in Strategic HR Management


The Main Cycles in Human Resources (HR) Management
  • HR Strategy Cycle.

  • Recruitment and Selection Cycle.

  • Training and Development Cycle.
  • Performance Management Cycle.
  • Compensation and Benefits Cycle.
Key Steps in Planning Strategic HRM
  • Assess the current situation- HR and the organization
  • Envision and articulate a desired future/outcome
  • Conceptualize and implement an HR strategy and strategic objectives
  • Establish a mechanism to evaluate progress


Organizational Culture
  • What is Organizational Culture?
  • Characteristics of Organizational Culture
  • Role of Vision, Mission & Core Values in creating a culture
  • Culture Mapping Tool for designing culture change


Workforce Planning, Talent Acquisition and Employer Branding
  • Key aspects of Workforce Planning process
  • Designing a robust and time-bound recruitment process
  • Various innovative and effective hiring channels
  • Improving the quality of the hiring process
  • Use of Psychometric assessments/tools in the selection process
  • Various branding initiatives


 Holistic Onboarding & Orientation Process
  • Importance of new شffiliate Onboarding & Orientation
  • ‘Integrated Onboarding’ process
  • Various initiatives to offer ‘Integrated Onboarding Experience’ to prospective employees
Talent Performance Management & Performance Enhancement System
  • Performance Management cycle
  • Selection of appropriate Performance Management System/Tool
  • A critical aspect of Performance-Goal setting exercise
  • Importance & implementation of ‘Frequent Quality Dialogue’ between employee and manager
  • Importance & implementation of Calibration process- Performance & Potential Calibration


 Talent Development


  • Designing an effective ‘Learning & Development Framework’
  • Sources of Training/Development need analysis
  • Develop innovative strategies for addressing talent L&D needs
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of Talent Development programs


Talent Retention Strategies
  • Importance of retaining business-critical talent
  • Various Employee Engagement initiatives
  • Communication initiatives for improving employee engagement
  • Career Planning/Progression
  • ‘Employee Connects’ as a talent retention tool
  • Competitive Compensation and Benefits
Succession Planning & Succession Management Process
  • Importance of holistic succession planning process
  • Approach to Succession Planning & Management
  • Key aspects of an effective Succession Planning & Management System
  • Continuum of Succession Processes
  • Obstacles to Effective Succession Management


HR Analytics


  • What are the HR Analytics?
  • Benefits/Applications of HR Analytics
  • Key HR KPI’s
  • Importance of Lead & Lag Indicators


Measuring the Effectiveness of Strategic Human Resource Management
  • Different methods/metrics to measure the effectiveness of Strategic HRM initiative

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