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7 advantages about Education and professional Training in Dubai

Getting a unique educational experience at all levels is of paramount importance and concern for all, as access to high quality basic and university education plays a major role in the lives of individuals and peoples and thus the future of nations, but post-university education has become a large area of Attention, given the guarantees of continued scientific research, and the training sector is also full of more opportunities that develop the potential and skills of individuals to be able to face the challenges and difficulties in the labor market.

The Arabian Gulf, which has achieved an oil boom that gave the country the opportunity to move to a more advanced and prosperous experience, has become keen on the quality of education and upgrading it as the main gateway to attract investment and achieve sustainable development, the UAE is the Gulf country most open to the West, and the Emirate of Dubai is the most famous among All seven UAE. To know the 7 advantages of Education and professional Training in Dubai, keep up reading.

  1. Integrated Life

Dubai houses some of the most wonder and spectacular towers, beautiful desert landscapes and amazing beaches. It houses also almost all the industry in its location – ranging from hospitality, tourism, to engineering, oil refinery, architecture, agriculture, fashion designing, medicine and so on. Thus one can very well assure that Dubai is an amalgamation of all science and arts field.

  1. Rich Environment

Dubai has the largest population density in the UAE and is characterized by the diversity of the population and different cultures, in addition to maintaining the customs and traditions of the Arab, and thus students who are passionate and want to study in Dubai find a great diversity of students who are inside, in addition to the fun weather and sunshine throughout the year.

3. Various Universities

Dubai has 58 public and private colleges, most notably among the top universities in the UAE and offering services to Emirati and international students because, as in most countries, each institution has independent internal governance, you will find the differences between universities in Dubai in terms of the subjects they study (In one or more subjects) and the level of study programs that provide student programs, graduates and post graduate programs.

Universities in Dubai are categorized as either belonging to local universities (founded in Dubai) or a university branch of a foreign university (founded in another country and having a campus in Dubai).

  1. Scholarships

Many universities in the UAE offer scholarships to overseas students as part of their initiative to recognize academic achievement and outstanding academic performance. The scholarships are based on mutual agreements between the UAE government and other countries. In Dubai, a lot of scholarships are available for meritorious students which will cover about 15% to 50% of the tuition fee.

  1. Part Time Jobs for Students

Dubai, as we all know, houses some of the world’s best industries and business corporations. Thus finding a part time job or an internship would not be a herculean task. In addition to that, on-campus jobs are also available which are provided by the university itself.

  1. Training Opportunities in Dubai

Dubai has established the Dubai International Academic City and a dedicated free trade zone to meet the needs of students and educational institutions. The International Academy is home to many universities, training centers in Dubai, language teaching, development and research companies, many of whom were originally created to join the Knowledge city where they offer various training courses in Dubai.

  1. Jobs After Graduation

Dubai is a leading city in the field of education and therefore students are highly appreciated when graduating from a university there, where it is one of the most suitable places to pursue one’s dreams through the availability of many job opportunities, especially if a person likes to combine work and fun, it is a business city, It will therefore be the best option for graduates hoping to get a job in business administration, and Dubai is also seeking to improve its resources, so graduate studies followed by research in agriculture, environmental sciences and mining will be of a great value.


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