‘Management’ as a Practice to Achieve Hospitals Goals

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Hospital management

Governmental or private hospitals are subject to the management laws of service institutions. The primary role of hospital management is to provide the best service for patients with affordable prices.

Hospital management is taking advantage of available resources and providing the best service at the lowest cost without sacrificing the quality of the services, and not overburdening the patient with high expenses. It is difficult for any institution especially the service one to practice management, as in the government and private hospitals.

Management is responsible for solving problems, it contributes in achieving goals, and a key to the success or failure of the hospital.

The hospital management specialisation aims to use the resources and possibilities available to achieve the objectives, taking into consideration the expected difficulties and constraints, how to deal with them through using manpower, and identifying the roles they play.

It includes several operations, the objectives are achieved when mastering these operations in the highest form of efficiency and success, they include:

Planning: It means deep thinking in all aspects and depending on scientific studies and previous experiences at the same field.

Organising: Coordinate the tasks of the employees and emphasise on the cooperation between them according to specialization and division of staff in the hospital.

Leadership: It is related to hospital management by motivating managers financially and morally to benefit from their full potential.

Control: Ensure that the services provided are matched, errors and their causes are identified and try to solve them.

Principles of Hospitals Management:

They may be applied in all institutions and in hospital management in particular:

Divide work among employees according to specialisation.

Coordinate efforts among employees.

The balance of management with responsibility.

Unity of leadership.

Complying between special and general goals.

Management through setting goals.

Management through exception.

Apply oversight and supervision.

Hospital Management Levels:

Senior management

Middle management

Supervisory management

Each level needs special management capabilities. Hospital management and its organizational level requires the manager to combine theses three skills:

Scientific Skill: It is important that the manager should have overall look and be creative, aware, interacted with changing situations.

Human Skill: through communication with the human element in the hospital, and how to benefit from their ability to achieve management objectives, motivate, guide and develop their skills and abilities.

Technical Skill: Managers need technical skill and creativity to improve performance efficiency. They should supervise and follow up, modify mistakes and try to avoid them.

Hospital management is the process of making several decisions that control the behavior of the human element performing the health service by exploiting the capabilities of devices, tools and techniques to achieve a specific goal at the highest efficiency, reducing time, effort and material cost to a minimum, achieving satisfaction of the patient, gaining a reasonable financial profit for the hospital, and its staff to ensure the continuation of the service provided with the same efficiency and work to improve it.

In order to achieve goals of hospital management, it should take care of its employees and provide them with the suitable health and social conditions. Through attending training courses in operations management in hospitals, they will be able to carry out their work comfortably and with the highest proficiency.

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