Change Management Strategies and Conflict Resolution

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Length: 1 Week

Type: Online

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  • Apr-17-2023


  • May-22-2023


  • June-19-2023


  • July-17-2023


  • Aug-21-2023


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5 days course

Putting Conflict into Perspective


  • Reasons why conflicts develop
  •  A personal view of conflict and conflict resolution
  •  Emotions involved in a conflict situation
  •  Identifying and addressing factors which escalate conflict
  • What do we mean by the term Conflict Management?
  • Where and when does conflict happen?
  • The steps to effective Conflict Management.
  • Exercise: The Communication Bridge.
  • How to avoid misunderstanding?
  • Our reaction to conflict.
Change Management


  • Change Exercise: The Ball.
  • Personal growth and change strategies.
  • The change curves.
  • Making change stick.
  • Kotter’s 8 steps to effective change.
  • The 5 stages of change.
  • The Burning Platform.
  • Change Exercise: Risk it!
 Conflict Resolution
  • The Thomas Kilmann (TKI) Conflict Resolution Instrument
  • Exercise: Building collaboration quickly and easily
  • Exercise: A Trip to the Theatre!
  • Exercise: Win as Much as You Can!
  • The 2 types of communication
  • DVD The Ten Most Difficult Types
  • The 4 results of every communication
Personal and Organisational Conflict Resolution Skills


  • Examining a personal conflict situation
  •  Applying conflict resolution skills to a personal conflict situation
  •  Identifying preferred conflict handling styles
  •  Conflict solving options (and when to use them)
  •  Additional strategies for reducing specific conflict
Developing the Core Skills Needed to Successfully Prevent and Resolve Conflict


  • Communicating effectively as a means of preventing and managing conflict
  •  Active listening
  •  Adapting to individual Personality Types as a conflict resolution skill
  •  Applying assertiveness skills to resolve conflict

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