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Length: 1 Week

Type: Online

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  • Sep-19-2022


  • Oct-10-2022


  • Oct-24-2022


  • Nov-07-2022


  • Nov-21-2022


  • Dec-05-2022


  • Dec-20-2022


  • Dec-26-2022


  • Dec-27-2022


  • Jan-17-2023


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5 days course

The Voices of Effective Leaders – Past and Present
  • Describe typical situations requiring leadership communication and assess how well you use the language of leadership in these situations

  • Identify five traits of effective leadership communication and assess how well you demonstrate those traits

   Finding Your Leadership Voice
  • Learn the two components of a leader’s voice

  • Describe several leadership communication styles and describe your dominant style

Setting the Stage for Powerful Communication
  • Pick the right forum for leadership communications and create a winning setting for your key messages

  • Overcome stage fright and communication anxiety

   Taking the Lead
  • Generate presence and charisma that command respect

  • Send clear messages that maximize audience understanding

Setting the Direction You Want Others to Travel
  • Communicate a clear mission and inspire vision and values

  • Delegate authority in ways that prompt others to take responsibility

 Influencing and Inspiring Others into Action
  • Identify the factors that demotivate

  • Light a fire in the hearts of others

  • Coaching, Counselling and Mentoring for Improved Performance
  • Stimulate and guide authentic coaching, counselling and mentoring sessions
  • Addressing Tough and Touchy Topics in Ways That Defuse Tension
  • Handle conflict and hostile disputes
Delegating and Coaching for Improved Performance
  • Explain How to Delegate in Ways That Prompt Others to Take Responsibility

  • Describe Techniques for Coaching Poor Performance

Progressing From Theory to Practise
  • Identifying your personal target

  • Building a campaign

  • Clarifying your short- and long-term priorities
  • Combining tactics to maximise presence and impact
  • Encouraging others to take action

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