Oil and Gas Entrepreneurship in Dubai

24-11-19 Dr.Adnan 0 comment

In light of the developments taking place in Dubai as a preferred destination in many areas due to the efforts taken by the state to promote the culture of acceptance and innovation, and to promote the presence of a private sector that supports a diverse business environment.

The emirate has become one of the leading destinations globally and regionally investing in the oil and gas sector to achieve growth, stability and sustainability.

The oil and gas has always been a great sector attracting many national and foreign investments in the emirate, particularly the natural gas which is a bio-energy and alternative source in producing, generating electricity and water and operating factories.

The results have shown that a large number of young Emirates are interested in finding a job in this sector based on their competence in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics enabling them to pioneer in this industrial age.

This trend aims to meet the growing demand for energy through concentrating on providing an Oil and Gas Training Courses in Dubai that are keen to qualify the workforce in the future, keep up with developments and prepare qualified competencies to improve the resources and maximise the best value.

Many of the world’s leading training centres offer comprehensive courses that contribute to qualify the workforce, including Oil and Gas Courses in London, that will develop expertise and refine them to match the requirements of job in this sector with a wide range of job positions ranging from junior workers to qualified and functional competencies of each stage of the process in exploration, extraction, refining and distribution of oil.

The extraction phase includes junior and skilled workers as well as highly trained engineers and experts to identify areas likely to obtain oil or natural gas deposits. During the drilling phase, the role of junior workers comes with the help of skilled ones known to be rough due to their various tasks related to the drilling process.

They are supervised by a worker known as the digger, and this process needs many jobs that require high manual skill.

The offshore gas and oil industry jobs also include experts and technicians to operate ships and fixed drilling rigs. Divers are often hired to repair equipment in addition to many support staff and specialised engineers to design various oil rigs and drilling rigs.

The job vacancies of gas and oil industry in refineries tend to involve skilled workers in monitoring various equipment with the support of a group of electricians, maintenance specialists and mechanics.
The new discoveries of oil and gas fields help to consolidate and establish great position of UAE as an international centre, energy supplier and attracting destination for direct foreign investment. It provides solutions to many challenges facing humanity in the field of sustainable economic and social development.

It also help in developing well-defined plans and vision to attract these young people and get a great benefit from expertise in order to achieve renaissance and economic growth and strengthen bridges of cooperation between partners around the world.

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