Major Account Planning - Map

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Duration: 1 Week

Fees: 1,375

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  • June-21-2021


  • July-19-2021


  • Aug-16-2021


  • Sep-20-2021


  • Oct-18-2021


  • Nov-22-2021


  • Dec-20-2021


  • Jan-17-2022


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  • Apr-18-2022


Course Details

Course Outline

5 days course

Introduction & Analyse the Account


  • Account planning and management framework
  • A major account planning process
  • Reviewed essential account information
  • Defined key trends
  • Determined the revenue gap to be closed
  • Set an initial account strategy
Identify Business Initiatives and Pain and Assess Relationships


  • Defined business initiatives within their account
  • Explored how business initiatives can generate pains in a company
  • Considered where their offerings impact the Income Statement
  • Identified potential stakeholders in the account
  • Identified gaps in relationship coverage
  • Identify influential individuals in the account
  • Identified success that can be reported to fend off competition
  • Assessed competitive presence and areas of account penetration
Identify New Business and Prioritize Opportunities


  • Identified areas of new opportunity (“white space”) within the account
  • Identified potential, new business initiatives that could be positioned
  • Determined criteria for prioritizing opportunities
  • Created a prioritized portfolio of account opportunities
  • Determine Strategy And Coverage
  • Selected an account-level strategy
  • Revisit the vision for the account
  • Identified resources required to:
  • Maintain the current pipeline
  • Improve account relationships
  • Help launch new opportunities
Develop an Execution Plan


  • Reviewed the actions identified during previous exercises
  • Defined SMART objectives for developing the account
  • Grouped actions to support plan objectives
  • Exercise: Develop an Execution Plan
Getting Started with the MAP Methodology and Manage the Account


  • Activities for managing the account annually
  • Account planning and trusted advisor status over time
  • Discussed best practices for preparing an account review
  • Learned a method for conducting account plan reviews
  • Given and/or received feedback on an account plan review
  • Reviewed a structure for periodically reporting success to the account
  • Exercises:  Team Account Plan Reviews

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