Leadership Development and Preparation Training Program

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Length: 1 Week

Type: Online

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  • July-01-2024


  • Aug-05-2024


  • Sep-02-2024


  • Oct-07-2024


  • Nov-04-2024


  • Dec-02-2024


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Course Outline

5 days course

 Integrations Leadership with Ethics 


·        What is effective leadership?

·        Redefining leadership assumptions.

·        Internal aspects that link performance with ethics.

·        What is the successful leader's way of harnessing integration for success?

·        Case studies on ethics and integration.

Types of leadership styles

  •  How to act as a leader when you meet attendance.
  • Apply any combination of commands with different settings.
  • Achieve strategic alignment with your team and organisation.
  • Encouraging individuals to participate and engage in strategic change.


Model Leader

·        Define and implement your purpose as the cornerstone of your leadership method.

·        Leadership by setting some examples, creating an exemplary culture, setting high standards, and achieving the principle of shared responsibility.

·        Empowering Others to Lead - Research and study effective approaches to use at work.

·        Leadership by strength - acknowledging influence and authority and dealing accordingly.

·        The ideal leader - is the servant leader.

Psychology of Leaders


·        Understanding your leadership values.

·        Translating values ‚Äč‚Äčinto behaviors to create a good culture.

·        Increase awareness needed for organisational and personal transformation.

·        Self-discovery and insight into leadership performance.

·        Leadership psychology and its effects on behavior.

Sustainability Leadership


·        Self-development.

·        How the specialisations relate to the work environment.

·        Employee commitment.

·        Create the vision required to overcome lethargy.

·        Preparing plans for self-development.