Building Information Modelling (BIM) for Project Managers

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Length: 2 Weeks

Type: Online

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  • Mar-18-2024


  • Apr-15-2024


  • May-20-2024


  • June-17-2024


  • July-15-2024


  • Aug-19-2024


  • Sep-16-2024


  • Oct-21-2024


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  • Dec-16-2024


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Course Outline

10 days course

Introduction to BIM
  • Understand what BIM is and understand the drivers of BIM

  • Understand the business case for BIM; its benefits, challenges and adoption issues

  • Develop a broad understanding of the Government BIM strategy and its key documents and distinguish between international approaches to BIM

  • Communicate clearly the key principles of BIM to your peers

 Strategy for BIM – Start with the end in mind
  • Understand BIM Uses and the requirement for a strategy for BIM

  • Understand the Organisational Information Requirements

  •  Understand the Asset Information Requirements and Asset Information Model

  • Produce a high-level BIM briefing paper to your organisation

The Employer’s Information Requirements
  • Understand how the client requirements are incorporated the EIR

  • Understand the other key BIM documents that have be put into place at the strategic definition stage of a project

  • Understand the elements of an EIR and best practice for its development

  • Develop, design and structure an EIR.

Choosing the Right Team
  • Achieve an awareness of BIM execution plans and maturity models

  • Understand the approach for BIM capability assessements

  • Understand the other key BIM contractual documents and the effect they have on the procurement route and supplier engagement

  • Create a pre-contract award BIM Execution Plan in response to the EIR


Team Mobilisation
  • Understand the Master Information Delivery Plan and Task Information Delivery Plans

  • Have a deeper understanding of BIM roles and responsibilities

  • Understand how different procurement routes affects those roles

  • Develop your pre-contract award BEP into a post-contract award BEP


 BIM-enabled Design
  • Understand the Model Production and Delivery Table / Responsibility Matrix

  • Understand model checking procedures

  • Understand how BIM information is used by the project delivery team

  • Create a Responsibility Matrix aligned to the RIBA Plan of Works detailing Levels of Detail and

  • Information across a project.

 BIM-enabled Construction, Handover and Closeout
  • Understand the benefits of BIM during construction

  • Understand the requirements and process of handing over BIM deliverables at the end of the project

  • Structure how to measure performance and success

  • Create a handover protocol detailing project close-out procedure and final BIM deliverables

Measure performance and success
  • Structure how to measure performance and success

  • Create a handover protocol detailing project close-out procedure and final BIM deliverables

 BIM for Operations
  • Understand Government Soft Landings

  • Understand BIM uses for operation and maintenance

Case Study and  Sum up

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