The Role of Scheduling and Cost Planning in Project Success

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Project management in the development sector is not that simple. The project manager must control the multiple challenges during the life of the project proactively and decisively.

Projects are temporary endeavors to create a unique product or service, and the project teams must analyze the needs to be clearly aware of the users’ desire of the project, and the they need to manage the expectations of end-users and ensure that they are compatible with project resources such as time, budget and other resources.

The main challenge of project management is to achieve all the goals of the project, its objectives and outputs. It is important to respect the advanced constraints of the project that are related to scope, budget, schedule and ensuring that the project meets the applicable quality standards, and get it applicable to review by the project team and other stakeholders.

The project manager is responsible for the overall success of the project, but this does not mean that he\she has to personally complete the project work, but to ensure that it is implemented as required.

Direct and Indirect Costs:

The success of the projects is required to establish a correct budget based on accurate, comprehensive and detailed estimates. This required to determine the specific activities to successfully implement the project in addition to including all the budget items required to deliver the services to the project for example; the direct costs as a first step.

The project team needs to determine expenses related to direct work on the project, including salaries, vehicles, materials, supplies, equipment, etc. As for indirect costs, the inclusive budget needs to anticipate indirect work-related expenditures on the project and include the resources required to communicate, risk management, monitoring, evaluation, project management services, human resources management, procurement, and overheads for the project.

To ensure that team members understand what they have to do, many centers offer Project scheduling and cost planning skills training course in London that will describe the project’s financial plan and identify all cost information to ensure that the budget is specific and accurate to achieve specific objectives.

Accurate Budgeting Therefore Less Errors:

In budgeting, it is also required to ensure the common services that are allocated to the project by the Development Organization, and put an accounting tree; which is to collect budget items into cost categories.

The project scheduling and cost planning skills training course in Dubai provide the expertise to qualify a team that relies on accuracy and give sufficient information on how to develop the financial plan for projects, assess their costs in detail and share them with project contributors, which may help to prevent errors to ensure that the project is completed within the specified budget.

Flexible Scheduling:

It should be noted that the best project plans may be subject to change. So, it is very important to develop a comprehensive and flexible scheduling strategy as well as organizational structure and the specific tasks of the project with the determined time for service delivery.

Project scheduling and estimates are attached with the life cycle of the project, starting with a specific approach to scheduling that changes depending on the development of the project and the changes that occur.

Scheduling is not simple when the goal is to deliver the project on time with commitment to the plan and budget within the selection of strategic approaches and appropriate action plans.

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