5 tips to improve your organisation's contract management

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Posted on Jul 20, 2022 at 08:07 PM

The contract management system is often treated formally as concluding a contract is more or less routine. However, the truth is quite the opposite, mainly since contract management can be described as the key to increasing your competitiveness in many businesses.


Contract management plays a crucial role in preventing you from problems later on, such as reduced productivity and procurement, poor ability to create a good customer base, and many problems centred on the horizon of responsibility.


As a contract manager at a leading company, you are responsible for drafting tender contracts along with relevant necessary documents and then keeping them on hard drives that facilitate access at a later date.

Not only is it your task to prepare and develop checklists that set out a straightforward approach to contract management in your organisation, but all of these responsibilities also make you severely lack the proper knowledge of contract management strategies.


Why is contract management critical?

Companies with a complex system and an endless network of clients and employees often fall into chaos and have a weak ability to develop a structured management plan to maintain and improve their businesses.


Although it complied with the contract and tender management rules, it ensured its brand growth legally, primarily since the contract creation, implementation, and analysis would ensure that it was removed from many risks of mismanagement and management.


Besides, there are many tasks and advantages achieved from the contract management process and conventions, including:

  • Improve Work Efficiency if you follow the automation system in concluding contracts.
  • Simplify the creation of negotiations and contracts by specifying the required terms and conditions.
  • Better execution of projects through compliance with all the activities mentioned within the contract terms.
  • Contract management serves to develop relationships and communication between project participants. 
  • The contracting department aims to facilitate the follow-up of payment and receipt processes within each integrated project.

contract management

The most important steps to follow in the contract management process?

Effective management of your business contracts requires several clear and proven steps to follow so you can reap the benefits of this process faster. These steps are summarised in 5 stages that you must comply with and try to pay attention to in practice.


- Identify your contractual needs

Being in charge of contract management and public procurement, you must understand the needs of your business and the purpose behind its collection, as well as identify the risks of not securing them.


What helps you to achieve this step as required is to communicate with all employees within your enterprise sectors and request to provide you with a list containing all their requirements.


A clear vision of your company and determining the obligations involved will also play an essential role in choosing the people involved to meet your needs as you wish and more.


- Take care of the contract between you and the other party.

Contract management includes negotiating terms and conditions in contracts, so create certified and different-use templates that are prepared for immediate contracts and reflect the wishes and needs of your organisation, for example, a model for licensing deals, another for professional services, and one for public companies.


Pursuing such a strategy will streamline contract management in all its forms and prevent you from introducing unnecessary purchases or services into the content of government or private contracts you enter into for your enterprise.


But continually update your organisation's contract forms so you can manage tenders between you and the other party in the form that serves your organisation.


- Negotiate your contracts

This phase will require a lot of intelligence skills, especially as it is a rather difficult stage because of the likelihood of failure. It relies mainly on the art of negotiations with the contracting parties.


You also need to be aware of the skills and laws of contracts and have particular types of legal and creative writing skills. Moreover, you will need to earn the other party's trust to convince them.


This will require you to prepare a robust and certified program to control all your organisation's interactive contracts so as not to make an extra effort in each contracting process.


- Get owners' approval

Whether you're a startup, a medium-sized organisation or even a small-scale enterprise, you'll find that approving your proposed contracts may not be as easy as you'd expect.

Therefore, you should refer to the administrations involved in financing projects with every movement and housing so as not to expose yourself to accountability in the event of an unlikely error in the offers and services provided in the contract.


Not to mention, the process of providing all the data relevant to your employers' and financiers' contracts will contribute to documenting these contracts and not subsequently reviewing them.


- Sign the contract

Finally, it's time to reap the fruits of your effort to increase your organisation's revenue by securing and managing the services and needs you need, but don't make that joy distract you from the responsibility that has now seemed obvious.


If you belong to some countries that have come to recognise the so-called electronic signature, make sure you make all the contracts electronically because they are more accessible, faster and safer.


Suppose you belong to States that do not recognise electronic signatures as approved signatures here. In that case, the safest for you and the other party is to perform the contract in writing and manually.

contract management

General tips on how to manage your contracts more effectively:

Suppose you want to enhance your competitiveness, build a strong reputation in the market, and increase your profit margin. In that case, you must comply with the advice of experts and professionals in this field.

Here are 5 ideas that will enable you to manage your contacts to ensure you realise your desires and aspirations to build a brand known and trusted by customers.


1- Consolidated the process of contract creation

Creating draft contracts is the most time-consuming part. Still, the contract drafting order (Contract drawing) on an immediate and urgent basis may make you vulnerable to error, so consolidating the contract management platform will fix all these problems.


2- Review your current contract processes regularly and make sure their results are positive

If you want to maximise your organisation's efficiency, compare your current methods in contract management processes with the flexible and key performance indicators you aspire to reach. Especially as you do, such procedures will give you an outlook on how to manage the following contracts you are expected to enter into.


3- Assess and monitor contract risks

There is nothing positive, but it will be offset by another negative, for your contracts must contain risks you have been unable to avoid. So you must know these risks and mitigate their effects on your organisation by developing a unique strategy to ensure this is achieved.


4- Summarise your organisation's reputation through good contract management

One of the benefits of contract management is that it improves your organisation's reputation by creating a good connection with clients. This creation process is carried out by the Contract Management Department, which by doing many practices, will make your customers feel how easy it is to deal with you, ensuring that they continue to return to you rather than looking for other competitors.


5- A balance between contract data security and easy access

Maintaining your contact data from fraudsters and hackers is essential, but it seems complicated with your urgent need to access it as quickly and efficiently as possible. Hence, you must use practical cloud storage activities to achieve this balance successfully.


In conclusion, 

the tips mentioned will help you optimally prepare conventions and contracts. Following the thoughtful steps in contract management and management will reflect positively on all strategies and systems in your sector.

But suppose you aspire to develop your contract management skills and expertise. In that case, you can attend some relevant training courses in this area, such as contract management courses in London. 

Primarily enrolling in such courses will ensure you have the qualifications and specifications required to assume the contract manager position in any significant and leading company.