Advanced Procurement Skills Training

Legal, Contracts, and Procurement

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Duration: 1 Week

Fees: 1,300

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  • June-21-2021


  • July-19-2021


  • Aug-16-2021


  • Sep-20-2021


  • Oct-18-2021


  • Nov-22-2021


  • Dec-20-2021


  • Jan-17-2022


  • Feb-21-2022


  • Mar-21-2022


  • Apr-18-2022


Course Details

Course Outline

5 days course

Organized Purchasing Structure
  • Understanding of the purchasing capability of an organization
  • Terms and conditions of purchase
  • Understanding of the procurement process and cycle
  • Supply chain management
  • Influence of the external environment on procurement and “How to solve the problem”
Supplier Management
  • Understanding the importance of supplier
  • Methodology of “Total Budget Method” (TBM)
  • Understanding of the supplier rating standard
  • Understanding of the sourcing strategies in a declining market
  • Understanding of the efficient supplier performance and it’s methodology
  • “Who is a good customer?” , principles of a good customer
Communication During Organizational Change


  • Understanding the three communication techniques (verbal, non-verbal, written)
  • Conducting a good communication and its challenges and how to reduce stress?
  • Understanding how internal communications and openness in interactions builds trust
  • How the success of an organization lies in the reactions to change
  • Preparation of employee’s reaction to change
Negotiation Techniques


  • Understanding the importance of building negotiation skills
  • Understanding the importance of being a “good negotiator”
  • Understanding the skills for efficient negotiations to minimize conflict in work place
  • Training on conducting actual negotiation
  • Understanding the perspective of the other person, with whom you are negotiating
  • “How to make a counter-offer that satisfies both parties?”
Procurement Management


  • Developing the skills of existing talent
  • “How to attract and keep new talent?”
  • Training on designing a “Procurement talent structure”
  • Understanding of the supplier’s performance metrics
  • “How to evaluate a vendor?”
  • Review of the whole course and question and answer session

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