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Length: 1 Week

Type: Online

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  • Apr-29-2024


  • May-06-2024


  • June-03-2024


  • July-29-2024


  • Aug-05-2024


  • Sep-30-2024


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Course Outline

5 days course

Understanding, planning and managing change


·        Definition of change and change management

·        Define organisational change

·        The nature of organisational change

·        Reasons and challenges

·        Classification of organisational change:

·        Adaptive

·        inventive

·        Radical 

·        Diagnosing change:

o   change formula

o   The importance of organisational frameworks for change

o   Continuous Change 

·        Agents of change and transformation:

o   Types of change agents

o   Competencies of change agents


·        Stakeholder analysis in change management 

The best change management & leadership models and strategies 

·        Leadership in organisational change

·        Administrative adaptation to situations of change

·        A needs assessment for a change

·        Preparing and planning for change

·         Kotter's 8 - Steps Change Model

Understanding and coping with resistance to change


·        Individuals and organisational change

o   Why do people resist change?

o   Forms of resistance to change and ways to deal with it

o   Individual factors versus group factors

·        Stages of individual adaptation to organisational change

o   Model (SARAH)

o   Managing the transitional stage of change

o   Management _ resistance to change and the feelings associated with it

·        Managing the risks associated with organisational change

o   Identify, Assess and Control Hazards 

o   Table of the probability of occurrence of hazards and their impact

Change Communication Plan


·        The importance of developing a Change communication plan

·        What people want to hear and what they need to see

·        Components of an effective plan for announcing and communicating about change

·        What is and is not permissible during change communication 

The main factors that cause an organisational change


·        Understand change from the perspective of the corporate culture

·        Components of company and institutions culture 

·        Types of cultural change in institutions and companies

·        Common mistakes in dealing with changing the current culture

·        20 steps to support change in company culture