The Strategic Marketing Plan Programme

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Length: 1 Week

Type: Online

Available Dates


  • June-03-2024


  • July-29-2024


  • Aug-05-2024


  • Sep-30-2024


  • Oct-07-2024


  • Nov-04-2024


  • Dec-30-2024


Course Details

Course Outline

5 days course

The Marketing Concept


  • Scope and Functions
  • A New Approach to Marketing
  • Competitive Pressures Changing the World
  • The Smart Bomb Strategic Approach


The Marketing Planning Process
  • The Benefits of Planning 
  • The Marketing Plan Format 
  • The Marketing Planning Process 
  • Setting S.M.A.R.T Objectives and Goals
  • Linking the Marketing Strategy to the Vision, Mission and Objectives of the Company
The Business Situation Analysis
  • Understanding the Framework for Competitive Analysis
  • Competitive and Customer Analysis
  • Environmental Analysis
  • SWOT and TOWS Analysis
  • Portfolio Analysis and Design (The Boston Consulting Group Matrix)
Planning Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning
  • Basis for Segmentation 
  • Benefits of Segmentation 
  • The Market Segmentation Process 
  • Effective Positioning 
  • Creating a Powerful Value Proposition


4 P’s – Executing Marketing Tactics


  • Developing new products and services
  • Managing the product life cycle
  • Product mix decisions: families, lines and brands
  • Pricing mix decisions: costs, demand, methods
  • Promotion mix decisions: advertising, promotions, PR & selling
  • Place mix decisions: push vs pull, channels length & type
Strategy Development
  • Considering Different Strategic Alternatives (TOWS Analysis)
  • Analyzing Different Marketing Strategies
  • The Growth Strategy Matrix 
  • Factors Shaping the Choice of Strategy
  • Blue Ocean versus Red Ocean Strategies
Tactical Planning Applications


  • Setting the Scene: The Marketing Mix 
  • The Components of the Marketing Mix 
  • Using The Marketing Mix Model


Putting It All Together


  • Writing Your Own Marketing Plan 

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